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Monday 03/08/05

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I was in an elevator today going up to see a prof. Two maintenance guys were loading a cart of office supplies into it. I had to stand there for what seemed like a damn eternity watching them roll this thing in, then roll it out when it wouldn't fit, then roll it in, then all over again. I am watching these two guys who are obviously in no hurry to go anywhere because, well they are maintenance guys, but I am since I just woke up and need my fucking coffee. Finally, after a few more grunts they roll this cart in and we start the trip up. I am relieved at first but then I realize that something is wrong: one and/or more of them has definitely ripped ass. And I am talking about in a major league way. The eleveator is not that big and there are three of us in there and the stench is so beyond awful I am about to cry. I mean my eyes are watering with sheer agony of being in the middle of this thing. While I am trying not to lose it, the two jackasses are fiddling with the cart. Then one obviously smells what is going on and fake-punches the other. The culprit in turn lets out a belch followed by an extremely dirty joke in Spanish. I practically hurdle the cart when it is time to get out. I am tempted to tell the gaseous wonder that judging from what I just experienced, he should probably have a LOT less pork in his diet, but I refrain. I am pretty sure that a sizable minority of the staff is here through some kind of second-chance fellon program.


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