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Tuesday 02/15/05

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This guy I know was, sua sponte, telling me about how great he did the first semester 2L year. Faaaantastic! Let's just announce your grades to me, you miserable ass. Undeterred by the look of disguist I was trying to muster [think Robert DeNiro in that dopey AmEx commercial where he is wandering around NYC looking like he just found out that Joe Pesci has been porking his wife], he just went on and on. Even counted the GPA for me. Isn't that great? He did so great. Great, great, great. I just let it go.

Had I wanted to, I would have, and perhaps should have, reminded him that he should have thought of doing well LAST year when our grades actually mattered. Now with his gig at some branch office of some firm ranked in the 50s this summer, what is there left to salvage? Yeah if he keeps up his torrid pace he might be able to move up a couple of spots but he isn't getting in anywhere really good. 3L recruiting is like 3 AM in a bar: the attractive people have all gone home with each other and nothing but the dregs are left. Both in terms of firms and applicants. Sure good grades always look good but it's one thing to do well as a first year, when everyone is trying hard and another thing to do well as a post-1L when the curve gets 50% friendlier at the top, half of the class doesn't care in the least, and the classes get progressively fluffier.

Instead I asked him where he was working this summer, knowing full well that it was a piece of shit. When he mumbled out the abbreviated name, I told him I had never heard of it. This of course made him tell me the FULL name [including the LLP at the end!]. To which I let out a weighty "Oh...." After letting that hang in the air I told him I had to go to the gym. The moral of the story: don't tell me your fucking grades, I just don't care.


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