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Thursday 02/24/05

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I haven't written on this thing in a few days. Here' s a quick run through of what's been goin' down:

-Phone call to Pauly Shore [thank you Paris Hilton's hacked phone]. Seemed like a nice guy, I told him I enjoyed his work. Yes I could have called Lindsay Lohan and commented on her rack or something. But that's so cliche. Plus I am more of an ass-man.

-Impromptu gathing to honor the life of Hunter S. Thompson. Since my brother was involved, I did not attend class for the next two days. I heard it was fun though.

-E-mail from the smokin' hot pre-L. Score! E-mails from less than smokin' hot pre-Ls. Well you gotta take the good with the bad.

-Weird get together with b-school student. Run into her at bar, she is really into me despite the fact that at some point it becomes obvious that I erased her number. Turns out she is 31 instead of my originally estimated 27. I can't decide if that is a good or a bad thing.

Now let's get reaaaadah for the weekend!


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