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Sunday 02/06/2005

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I went out to some bar around here with a bunch of law students. Big mistake. Some transfer from the netherworlds of the Third Tier attached himself to me and was drunkenly making uncomfortable confessions even though we barely knew each other. Things like him finding a gay roommate "un-Christian." Something about lack of morals or whatever. He kept blabbering on and on and I just could not separate myself without being a total dick. About the only interesting thing he expressed was utter disappointment over his academic performance. He was convinced good times were ahead just because he had done "amazingly well" at Tier Three University Law School on their rather harsh curve. Well Bub, apparently you got some work cut out ahead of you before you can hit a major league curveball. Sure the curve here is probably 40% more forgiving but the level of competition is higher. Of course I took the opportunity to tell him that, hoping he would leave. Instead that led to an unrelated near-tearful confession about $8,000 in credit card debt. Was there anything aroudn to stab him with?

This was all of the more frustrating because there was a real war prize there. About 5'7", blonde, with an amazing-looking ass encased in those classy ass-hugging black pants that the JAPs favored before the current denim craze. Just the right amount of lip gloss to indicate that she was down for a good time but not so much as to indicate that those good times were previously spent in Seaside Heights. When she leaned over to whisper something to her less attractive but significantly sluttier looking friend, just a hint of a hot pink string revealed itself. And I was stuck listening to some idiot from fly-over country bitch about his academic shortcomings. Of course by the time I ditched him the war prize in question had busied herself with this other jackal I go to school with. I should have just been a dick.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Peatey said...

cockblocked by a third-tier... are you sure you're not gay? :P

At 1:43 AM, Blogger ALS said...

"cockblocked by a third-tier... are you sure you're not gay? :P"

I am pretty sure I am not gay. I am also suprised to find how many people in this day and age would find me headed straight to hell that sole reason if I was.


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