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Saturday, February 05, 2005

I had some lunch today with AnonymousFather who was in town to transact some business, over the weekend no less. You see, people other than lawyers have to work on the weekends occasionally. Although probably less often.

We hit up a lovely steakhouse, talked about this and that. There was a guy sitting right across from me who looked just like Willem Dafoe would if he was cast to play Gordon Gekko. I am talking about black pinstriped suit, power tie, tons of hair gel. On a weekend no less. It looked like the guy stepped out of 1988. He was fiddling with his blackberry and occasionally sipping from his $375 bottle of burgundy and pretty much ignoring the smoking-hot blonde he was with. What is the point of having it all if you don't have a trophy wife to signal you have "arrived"?

So I spent most of the meal staring at her ass. I was going to say something to AnonymousFather about it but then, I thought better of it. I wouldn't want him to get a trophy wife. That might severely cut into my lifestyle. Oh and the ceasar salad sucked.


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