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Tuesday Means Getting Well

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tuesday is when I see my therapist. Twice a month. On Tuesdays. We sit on the floor and talk. The sitting on the floor thing was his idea, it is supposed to held me relax and all of that but today I spent a lot of time worrying about how it would affect my new Zenga pants I got as a Christmas present. I shared that with my therapist, who quite correctly asked me if I was having anxiety about being on high floors again. He's a sharp guy, very good.

All of us: AnonymousFather, AnonymousMother, myself, and AnonymousOlderBrother used to go to another guy as a family once a month back in the day but he landed most of the cast of some Broadway show for group therapy and then some soap opera actors and jacked up his rates that AnonymousFather, as the sole income provider found unacceptable. And knowing what my current therapist costs, I can't really blame him.

After that little detour into the mysteries of the inner being, I had lunch with AnonymousOlderBrother. He is a video-artist or a graphics desiner, or a painter, or whatever it is he feels like today. As far as I know he has not incurred a paying job of any sort since I was a junior in college. He does a lot of interesting-sounding drugs and has sex with a lot of female i-bankers from Chappaqua, who don't want to date him but lose their expensive underwear quite fast at the sight of a man who never wakes up before 1, has tussled hair and lives in a loft. The current loft is in some shithole in Queens, because "Brooklyn is so over." While we are lunching he babbles on about a great cover of an 80s De La Soul hit he heard by a punk band at a warehouse party in Astoria last Sunday night. He can't quite finish a sentence and when I confront him about it confesses to being high. Following my therapist's advice I offer to pick up the bill, which he doesn't protest. Even though in either case AnonymousFather will be paying, I find this a bit inconsiderate. Something to discuss in therapy 2 weeks from today.


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