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People That Annoy Me

Thursday, January 06, 2005

-Men who use chapstick.
-People who pick up the cell phone on the subway during the 1/10th of the second there is a glimmer of service below ground. You know you will lose the call in about two seconds. How about instead of screaming into the phone you let them leave a message?
-Professors who send the syllabus way, way, way in advance.
-Employees of the more upscale stores in Manhattan. Yes I realize most of your clientele is a lot wealthier/powerful/more famous than me but if not for the chic name out front you would be nothing.
-Tourists and college kids on break who flood into the city.
-People from Long Island who say they are "from New York." You are from a cesspool of suburbia that happens to be in the same state, don't fool yourself.
-The Anonymous Alma Mater Alumni Development Office. Stop bugging me about money, I will give when I am ready.
-Girls who think $200 jeans are a way of dressing up.
-The guys working the door at really shitty establishments. I am only here because my friends from out of town don't know any better and don't give me an attitude because you look like any further violence on your part might violate the terms of parole.
-Girls who work in advertising/media/PR who insist on name dropping the celebs they have seen at work parties. You still make $30,000 a year and the fact that you were once close enough to spit on Sarah Jessica Parker won't change that fact.
-Anyone who lives near, on, or around Murray Hill.
-Panhandlers near my gym. If I am in my gym clothes, I am usually not carrying lots of change. And even if I did, I would rather spend it on my drug problem and not yours.
-Everyone who will enrich themselves off the relief aid for the tsunami. Red Cross administrators, the Thai army, Sri Lankan officials.
-AnymousOlderBrother for not having a job, sleeping with no less than a different woman a night and somehow avoiding the stress that I have built into my life.
-My trainer, who has no idea what he is doing because he is from the Midwest somewhere. Or maybe Oregon. Either way, hick.
-People who will buy the book of Scott Peterson's mistress. Half completed degree in massage therapy+big ol' fake tits+affair with convicted murder=She must have something to say!
-Myself for knowing what she majored in.
-Ironic, know-it all Brooklyn hipsters who have never had a job in their life and probably never will. By the time that time comes they will graduate to be post-ironic, post-Brooklyn shit-eating respected members of the middle class.

That's all for today. I think a night out is in order.


At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

-Assholes with self-indulgent blogs?

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I don't have a Blogger account I need to post this comment as "anonymous." I am a second year law student from the west coast and have been paying attention to your blog for a few weeks.

I too have a dirty little drug secret. I was wondering what your drug of choice is? I smoke crack. If you looked at my appearance and grades, you'd never know it.

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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