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New Years' Resolutions

Sunday, January 02, 2005

-Make some new friends. Mine are too busy trying to mate with each other to be a lot of fun. And it's all about fun.
-Stop over-tanning. It looks great but who needs the health headache.
-Go to the Yankees home opener. Big Unit on the mound, me Anonymously drinking suds in the stands.
-Drink less beer and more red wine. I read that is good, or something.
-No more college alumni events. Everyone who hangs out at the old alma mater club is borderline intolerable.
-Buy some commercial outlines this time. One girl in an in-class exam was leafing through hers rather thoughtfully and dammit, I cannot fall behind the curve now.
-Buy another suit for the summer. Hopefully Cerruti or Cavali will have a sale. If not, I will have to brave the M.S.R.P.
-Less roadtrips, more coming to class. Sure the random jaunt to L.A. is a good time but I have got to wean myself off that.
-Read something other than the Wall Street Journal.
-File a Vioxx lawsuit.


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