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It's Evolution, Baby!

Monday, January 10, 2005

"All through the shadows they come and they go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below"-Bob Seger.

I don't think long-term relationships are natural. I mean they are fine for a while and all but ultimately we are just fighting our evolutionary hard-wired desires and you can only do that for so long. If you don't believe me, check out the divorce rate in this country.

I caught myself thinking that when I was checking out a particularly curvy third-year in a rather tedious introductory class in corporate something or other. Or maybe evidence, who knows. Half of the people in the room won't be back next week so the prof is mailing it in and I am only there because I was rip-roaring drunk most of last week and feel bad about it. So there is a a third year about 30 degrees to my northeast lookin' mighty fine. A little thick in the trunk, especially when accentuated by tight-fitting jeans that surely set her back at least two Franklins but otherwise just marvelous. And I find myself thinking yeah she is hot and maybe single and maybe I can somehow wedge my way into her circle of friends and "hang out" and one thing will lead to another and maybe sparks will fly and there will or won't be amazing sex to be had. But then I will be bored and I will want her out of my room so I can watch cartoons and the Yes network in my queen-sized bed and I will get bored and wonder if she has a sister who is a theater major in the undergrad here and...well thats just how these things go. But don't blame me, blame evolution. Because pre-historic protolawstudent who thought like me [the AnonymousCaveman if you will] got to reproduce quite a bit. And here I am, carrying out their legacy.


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