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Classes Started Again

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The fun thing about first week of classes as a non-1L is the whole "class shopping" thing. Profs are actually trying to be somewhat less monotonous and not drown you in the reading. Ok, who are we kidding they aren't trying at all because all that the school cares about is the amount of academic sludge that they churn out. According to an AnonymousDean I had the pleasure of speaking once at a cocktail reception when he was quite loaded, the faculty is evaluated on one and one thing only: academic scholarship. Beyond that, "It's nice when they don't fuck the students." He actually said that to me, in the midst of a vodka gimlet while eyeing a female in short skirt the same way I look at cheesesteaks on menus when I am hungry walking down Third Avenue.

The point being that the profs don't care, they know that we don't care since we all have jobs. Except for a couple of people who are so blindgly dumb they should have probably considered a career as accountants. But we don't care and during the first week when we go to classes that we probably won't stay in we care even less. Except for the couple of nutjobs who write down everything the prof said verbatim and sit there in rapt attention as if the paunchy old white man in front of them, very obviously mailing it in big time and obviously in no small hurry to get back to his spacious office and footnote his latest law review opus, or surf the web, or whatever it is that they do in there, will reveal some great truth. Those people are destined to get the B-s. They lack imagination and probably cannot write at above a seventh grade level.


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