The half-truths, omissions, and outright lies about floating through law school.

I am in Law School Yet I hate Law

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I hate people who are in school with me who say things like "Oh I would never be a lawyer" and "I can't believe people want to be lawyers!" Guess what, you're in a professional school that, last time that I checked, was centered around the study of law. Take our friend the "real" AL for example. After three years of HLS he, apparently, wants to be a Hollywood writer or something dignified like that. Billing hours is distasteful and not-so-young Jeremy has decided to go West and "find himself." That is after a $150,000 in eeducation and at least in much in foregone wages. I guess my question is: what the fuck are you thinking? Why not just go find yourself after college, why not just jump out there and become whatever it is you were going to become? The problem of course is, that in our increasingly sensitive society the time for one to "find himself" is increasingly pushed back. Used to be 18--23 or so was good enough: goof off for a couple of years in college, find something you are at least interested in and run along to it. But no more.

Now there is the "professional student": a money-draining pest on family, higher education lenders, and society that gets degrees "just in case" and quite frankly will not do much with themselves. And for whatever reason, law school draws the brunt of these lost souls. Graduated with a liberal arts degree and don't want to take your lumps starting at the bottom? Come to law school. Flamed out in your first career but are unwilling to acknowledge it? Come to law school. Interested in "policywork" or perhaps "something creative"? Come to law school. You can start a never has been and never will be club. The school is very generous with funding when the tuition alone is north of $30,000 a year.


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